Unusual report of #sdt2012 (+2 free app ideas)

It’s @Sara Quagliani‘s fault if you met me @sdt2012. Thanks or blame her.

I came with different purposes:

  • meeting interesting people and get connected with them
  • having ideas for product or service to develop
  • getting inspired about future trends and directions where to evolve my business

All of these have been realized. Thanks you guys who were there.

Here hints for the next conference:

  • set better time slots to allow people to switch from different talks inside the same session
  • try to rise level of talks, same where poor

Here’s free ideas i came up there while I was there, so it’s fair to share, if interested just talk about doing it together:

  • “conference/lesson app”: it let’s you register a talk and set peek of interest, you may even tag peeks. the app could be even smart enough to realize different users are listening the same talk and share peeks and tags. speaker could gather feedback of his talk and analyze peek and overall performance. of course you can decide not to share info or to open it to Facebook friends or the world. upload on dropbox or similar. (it exists something, but it sucks)
  • “you’re missing the moment app”: it gives you hints on moments you’re missing by being aware of other users taking pics in same place at the same time you’re. or just telling you to watch better around because a lot of other people thought it was a good place where to take a pic.

I came out with an other interesting idea, but later i discovered it was already someone else ideas: “wake me up where i am at app (gps alarm clock)” .

Which were your expectations? Did they come true? Some of you already did it, for the laziest, here an easy link to add me on linkedin or facebook

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